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Morris' work, along with the rest of the Private Press movement, directly influenced Art Nouveau. Read More!
Graphic Design Resume Graphic Design Salary
Being artsy is all well and good, but without anyone to commission your work, there's no career to be had. Read More!
Graphic Design Salary Visual Designer
So what are your training options?There are many graphic design school program options across North America, Europe, and abroad that offers graphic design related degrees and programs. Read More!

Graphic Design Programs

Borrowing Others' Designs This is a great big mistake and can lead to a lot of legal problems; let alone ruin your reputation.

  • Graphic Design Programs

    Some students get lucky, and get hired from the place they are doing their work practicum.

  • Graphic Design Programs

    They pioneered production techniques and stylistic devices used throughout the twentieth century.

  • Graphic Design Salary

    Aside from studying graphic designers throughout history, you'll also benefit by studying contemporary designers whom you identify with.

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  • Graphic Design Programs
    The BLS predicts that the employment of graphic designers will likely grow by about 7% between 2012 and 2022, while job opportunities available to multimedia artists and animators will grow by about 6% during the same time frame.
  • Graphic Design Internships
    Many employers won't even bother to look at you if you lack the piece of paper that shows that you have been trained and seasoned by some sort of graphic design related program.
  • Graphic Design Resume
    Both short and long term programs most often offer a work placement into a related business/studio during or after your studies.

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